Strength Training Systems


Forearm Machine and Building Blocks

 1) What type of muscle are the forearm, hand, and finger?

Answer:  Phasic

 2) How many muscles are in the hand?

Answer: The total number of muscles in the hand is 60.

 3) How many tendons are in the hand?

Answer: There are 60 tendons in the hand.

 4) How many ligaments are in the hand?

Answer:  There are 19 bones in the hand, so there are over 50 ligaments.

 5) How many muscles are in the forarm?

Answer:  There are 20 muscles.

 6) How many ligaments are in the forearm?

Answer:  There are over 30 ligaments.

 7) How many tendons are in the hand?

Answer:  There are 20 tendons in the hand.

 8) What grows and heals faster - muscle, ligaments, or tendons?

Answer: Muscle heals and grows three to five times faster than tendons or ligaments.

 9) Why does muscle heal and grow three to five times faster than ligaments and tendons?

Answer: The reason is that muscle blood supply comes from a main artery; tendon 
       and ligament blood supply comes from little veins and tissue.

10) Why does working the forearm three times per week get better results than one or two times 
   per week?

Answer:  This is simply a result of evolution. These muscles, called the hunting, gathering, and eating muscles, have evolved in such a way that they get the strongest when being worked at this frequency compared to any other.

11) Is it true that when your bicep is in a flexed position your forearm muscles are stronger?

Answer:  Yes, you are creating a pulley system between your forearm and upper arm.

12) Is it true that it is easy to hurt your supinate and pronate muscles?

Answer: Yes. In a very small muscle group, too much weight could cause a tear very easily.

13) Should your arm be straight or bent when you work with pronate and supinate muscles?

Answer:  It does not matter.