Strength Training Systems

About Us

Alex Rothacker, creator of the ArmWorks Strength Training System. The System consists of the ArmWorks Forearm Machine, NanoWeights and the Building Blocks. These products and the training system are essential to develop unbelievable strength in the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the hands and forearms. Although you get great results using any one of these products, Alex personally uses them all and have obtained fantastic results in my strength gains.

The hand and forearm muscle groups are the two most important muscle groups in moving heavier weights while maintaining great control and keeping perfect form. Controlling the weight lifted and keeping perfect form are two extremely important factors in preventing injury. In 1995 my main focus was to develop a machine that would increase a person’s hand and forearm strength in a comfortable and natural way, so I designed the ArmWorks Forearm Machine.


For several years Alex used family, friends and himself as test subjects in my research and development of this system. As a result of the research I have learned that tendons and ligaments build and heal three to five times slower than muscles. I developed the NanoWeights to create small weight increases allowing the tendons and ligaments to naturally adapt to a heavier workload every workout promoting constant weight gains in a safe injury free manner.


As Alex observed the positive effects this system had on his wife, seven year old daughter and other women, Alex realized this training system is great for women. No matter what your sex, age or your athletic ability, using the NanoWeight system you can increase your weights every workout.

In 2007, Alex designed the first Building Block, known as the Genesis 1.0, to be used to increase not only hand and grip strength but to increase power in the individual fingers.

Alex uses all the ArmWorks Strength Training System, the Forearm Machine, Building Blocks and most importantly the NanoWeights! Alex has had consistent gains without injury. In other words, Alex has never failed a weight increase or had an injury. Alex promotes training for SUCCESS not training to failure! Talk about making your mind and body strong! Every day Alex is very excited about going to the gym because he always is breaking his own records. Now his biggest goal is to have others experience the same positive results that he has building a very strong mind and body. Weight training should be fun and exciting.

Alex specially thanks Dr. Bill Womer, a good friend and from the beginning he was an extremely valuable resource to Alex, as he developed the ArmWorks Strength Training System.